Distinct Standards of Excellence

The perfect partnership begins with shared standards of excellence. Sewell began serving the people of West Texas in 1911 and quickly rose to a household name based on our standard of service and commitment to the communities we serve. Rocky Mountain Trucks was founded in 1978 and quickly rose to prominence based on its standard of customized off-road trucks and vans. Now, RMT Overland leads the market in building custom overland vehicles for those who want a turn-key adventure.

The Permian Basin’s Exclusive RMT Overland Dealer

Our Sewell Ford & GMC RMT Overland Teams are eager and ready to help you find the perfect RMT Overland truck for you today! We are equipped with West Texas’ best in helping you find your dream off-road truck. Our parts and service team is prepared to equip your truck with all new RMT Overland parts and accessories to elevate your truck’s performance and style.

At Sewell Ford & GMC in Odessa, Texas, you can fulfill all your RMT Overland needs. Want to make your next outdoor adventure? Need to make modifications to your truck to enhance its performance? Come explore Sewell’s exclusive RMT Overland inventory at 4400 Parks Legado Rd. You can also customize your current F-150 or Ranger with exclusive RMT Overland accessories at Sewell Ford in Odessa, Texas.


Why Buy RMT Overland?

One word. Time. Countless hours of vehicle conceptualization, exclusive product development, and vehicle testing have been devoted to the new path on which RMT Overland is forging ahead. With shared passions of outdoor adventure-seeking and custom vehicle modification, RMT Overland has set out to develop a lineup of Overlanding vehicles equipped and ready to drive off the dealership lot and onto the trail.

Once you become a part of the Sewell RMT Overland family, you’re in for the adventure of your life. Our team will make sure you are taken care of from the moment you sit in your RMT Overland F-150 or Ranger. Owning a RMT Overland Ford vehicle in West Texas is something you must experience!

Team Sewell is here, and ready to make your buying experience something you have never done before. Ready to hit the road in your new RMT Overland truck? Contact our team today at (432)498-0421 or visit us at 4400 Parks Legado Road, Odessa, Texas 79765. You can also connect with us on Facebook!


RMT Overland Off-Road Trucks at Sewell Ford in West Texas



  • Sewell Ford RMT Overland Dealer in West Texas Ford F-150 Edition
  • Sewell Ford RMT Overland Dealer in West Texas Ford F-150 Front Bumper
  • Sewell Ford RMT Overland Dealer in Midland, Texas F-150 Magnetic Grey Rear End
  • Ford RMT Overland Dealer in West Texas Ford Ranger Front End
  • Sewell Ford RMT Overland Dealer in Odessa, Texas Ford Rangers
  • Sewell Ford RMT Overland Dealer in Odessa, Texas Ford Ranger Black
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